no longer alone
By ishippeditovernight
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(post 12x23; assumes Chuck shows up and heals Cas BECAUSE I WILL ACCEPT NOTHING LESS THAN cAS RETURNING) I checked the Mature box but it's only one bit. Everything else is basically PG, and nothing is graphic. - Cas finds himself lost in thought as he remembers fighting through Hell to get to him years and years before. In a thousand millennia he would never have been able to anticipate the way he'd begin to feel for Dean Winchester. Currently, Dean is faced away from him on his side, but he has dragged Cas's hand with him, keeping their fingers entwined. Cas can tell from the sound of Dean's breathing that he isn't quite asleep yet. For several long minutes, they lie in silence. Comfortable. Strangely domestic.

no longer alone

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no longer...
by ishippeditovernight