The Head Cheerleade...
By camrenharmonizer97
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Y/N Y/L/N, she is a nerd and everybody treats her like she's invisible. She hates high school and she kept begging her mom if she could be homeschooled but her mom refuses her request. Her mom said Y/N needs to socialize, but literally Y/N spends her time reading a book underneath a huge tree or somewhere away from the students. She has a best friend, well her only friend. Dinah, she's also a nerd but she's way different from Y/N. People don't treat her like she's invisible but they still look down at her cause she's a nerd and she hangs out with Y/N. Dinah doesn't care though, cause Y/N's there for her whenever she's in need and she's there if Y/N's in trouble. Lauren Jauregui, the hottest girl in school! AND The head cheerleader. Everything in her life is just all green lights, everybody loves her. Teachers, students, guys, girls, EVEN THE PRINCIPAL. She also has an ex boyfriend who is a captain of the basketball team, Bradley Simpson. He is also rich and really handsome, and wouldn't leave Lauren alone. They broke up like a year ago and Bradley is still head over heels for her, but Lauren was sick of him already. Lauren is not a rude ass bitch, she's not that kind of person. She is a loving sister to her two siblings and actually care what people think. What happens when Lauren finally meets Y/N? Will it be awkward between them? Read to find out!

Chapter 1

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The Head...
by camrenharmonizer97