The Darkling Queen
By SAKlopfenstein
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The chancellor has been overthrown. And the Empire of Light has risen. Everything the Watchers and the Saints have worked for has come. The lowborn have risen up to form their own nation under the leadership of the sorceress, Medea. And the hope of their new empire is spreading across the world. But freedom did not come without a terrible cost. And no one knows just how great that cost was. Except Tori Burodai. Everyone believes she is dead. And her magic has vanished. But after the last things in her world are stolen from her, Tori is determined not to go down without a fight. And she is not the only one. The chancellor may have lost his realm, but he has his own schemes to take back his empire. Ambitions, monster, and nations will collide in the thrilling third installment of the Shadow Watch series. Start reading now! © Stephen Klopfenstein 2019 All Rights Reserved

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The Darkl...
by SAKlopfenstein