Heart of the Winter...
By -smookie-
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"After you've made so many mistakes, and been hurt countless times, they don't bother you as much anymore. Mistakes no longer become your deepest regrets. I'm not saying that you'll become numb, or guiltless. The sharp lashes of the whip against your bare back will still bring you to your knees, and the fear of failure will still hold you in its shackles. But now do you understand? Your faults become old friends...and you should cherish them as such. They are all yours...scars, beautiful scars that will never vanish." ~-~-~-~ Aelrindir Silverstone. His heart as cold as the forces he controls and his personality as bruised and fragile as the man he left behind, the King of Winter is a man of many talents. Imbued with the power of a goddess, the coldest season lay at his beck and call. It is his mistress, his child, his lover. However, starting a quest to defeat a goddess and take her place, Aelrindir soon realizes that the forces of nature are not so easily bent to his will, and neither are the longings of his heart. **Completed**

List of the Syranian Pantheon

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Heart of...
by -smookie-