Alpha Valdus
By friesbeforeguys101
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"You may think you're the strongest and the most feared, but I would never be scared of you." I growled while my back hit the wall. He continues to have a blank face when walking towards me. His hand goes next to my head and he leans down. I'm still glaring at him but my heart picks up just by the scent of him. "Oh, trust me. I'll make you regret those words. And I can make you scream in both ways." He growled while his hazel eyes bore into my grey ones. "And what's that. Huh?" I said while my hands went to his chest to push him away but his clamped around my wrist and pushed them to the wall. I tried to get them out of his grip but he leaned in making me growl at him. "I can either make you scream in agony or either pleasure. So don't test me." He growled. "You are mine and you would always be below of me. Don't test your Alpha." ***** Aphrodite Dike. Alpha of her own pack. Grew up as a rogue and took control of a weak pack and trained them to become the second strongest, competing to become the number one strongest pack out there. Alpha Valdus. Son of the most feared and deadliest Alpha out there. Like the saying goes; like father like son. Valdus earned the title of the strongest and the most feared alpha, and pack. He thinks women are below males, so when he hears that a girl is in charge of a pack, he wants to destroy it and watch her beg for mercy when he stares down at her when she's crawling at the floor. So, what would Aphrodite do? *COMPLETE* *BOOK TWO* *FIRST BOOK- ALPHA ALCANDER* *NOT EDITED* *READ AT YOUR OWN RISK* *MATURE CONTENT*


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Alpha Val...
by friesbeforeguys101