Beneath His Hands |...
By PatriciaElliott8
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Jenna McCay hates men. Period. But not without good reason. Her history with them is fraught with horror and tragedy. Because of her fear, she refuses to let them get too close. If they try, they learn the hard way that she acts first and asks questions later. When she becomes Ethan Barrett's stewardess, the same rules still apply. She isn't going to let herself become a victim again, and if that means going head to head with him, then she will. Mother nature, however, has other plans, and it's going to make her face her past, even if it's the last thing she ever does. And it literally might be... There is a storm raging and unless they work together, she may never be free and neither will he. ------ A stand alone sequel to "Her Prison, His Game." #1 in Writer - Nov 22, 2018 #1 in Stranded - Nov 13, 2018

Her Prison, His Game

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Beneath H...
by PatriciaElliott8