The War Bond
By keyleehargis
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In a world of fear and pain, Octavia learns that her normal, everyday life could change within the blink of an eye. With a war brewing around her, and a new mate in the mix, Octavia feared that her new life would come crumbling down. Though, it wasn't because of the daunting war or her heartless mate, but the secrets that lurked deep within her. If the secrets she contained got into the wrong hands, it would be the end of her life because people like her... they don't survive. She was prepared to take her secrets to the grave. The question is... can she? ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Books in the series: Series in order: 1. The Royal Bond 2. The War Bond 3. The Power Bond 4. The Intelligence Bond 5. The Immaculateness Bond 6. The Malevolent Bond 7. The Rampant Bond 8. The Queen's Bond

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The War B...
by keyleehargis