The War Bond
By therealKH
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!!Needs editing!! {Book 2 in the bond series! I recommend reading 'The Royal Bond' first!} This is Mason and Octavia's Book! ***HIGHEST RANKING: 20 IN WEREWOLF*** ----------------------------------------------------------------------- I never knew life could take you for a turn so quickly. I had secrets... secrets I told no one but those close to me. I never wanted a cold hearted mate, let alone Alpha Mason. He entered my life on the wrong terms and we got off on the wrong foot. He hated me. What was I supposed to do now? Im set for a life of misery. And what is going to happen when my secrets aren't so secret anymore. He'll kill me... i'm sure of it. Because people like me... they don't survive. I might hate myself a little too. Goddess save me. Im begging you. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Books in the series: Series in order: 1. The Royal Bond- Complete 2. The War Bond- Complete 3. The Power Bond- Complete 4. The Intelligence Bond -Complete on Radish 5. The Immaculateness Bond 6. The Malevolent Bond 7. The Rampant Bond - On Radish as of March 2018

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The War B...
by therealKH