Trapped (Yandere Si...
By KatieJungxox
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Y/n L/n a girl who loves reading manga and watching anime and is a transfer student from England with her sister Melody L/n. Osano Najimi a stubborn guy who has orange hair and has an attitude of a Tsundere. Amao Odayaka a nice and sweet guy also the leader of the cooking club he has Light brown hair and light green eyes that shine in the dark. Kizano Sinobu the leader of the drama club and a complete narcissist. Oko Ruto the leader of the Occult club he likes all things paranormal related and he is always Shy. Aso Rito leader of the sports club he has feelings for Y/n and will do whatever it takes to keep her safe. Mujo Kina the schools nurse he has light pink hair and light pink eyes which Y/n finds attractive and has a clumsy attitude. Mido Rana Y/n's substitute teacher he has chocolate brown hair and redish brown eyes he is a little perverted and has a "slight" intrest in Y/n. Osorō Shidesu the leader of the delinquents he is the most feared student in Akademi high but little does he know not all students are afraid of him. Hanakō Yamada a first year who is Y/n's Best friend and will do anything to make her happy. Megamo Saikou the student body president his top priority is to keep Y/n away from harm at all cause. But little did all the boys know that they will fall for the same girl. Who will Y/n choose? Well your about to find out! Started: ✔️May 16,2017✔️ Completed: ✖️✖️✖️ S L O W U P D A T E S


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Trapped (...
by KatieJungxox