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By strawberry_bubbles_x
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Have you ever wondered about the ancestors of Harry Potter? We all know about the Boy Who Lived, we know about the Marauders but what about the generation before? The generation still recovering from Grindelwald's reign of terror are about to face their Hogwarts years, with a mixture of children from a matter of backgrounds - muggle, pureblood, prejudiced. James Potter's parents were amazing, we know that, because they created such a wonderful son but, like anyone, they had a love story behind all those years of marriage, something that led up to the wonderful love that they shared, a troublesome path of love, hate and trouble. Two teenagers from different families have to fight against the odds to be together, they have to rewrite the stars. Are you ready for that journey? [DISCONTINUED OFFICIALLY AS OF 2022]

Toujours Pur | An Introduction

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by strawberry_bubbles_x