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ACTION ROMANCE - ADULT CONTENT Stacey Meadows is a model/office assistant for a local modelling agency. She lives with her gay BFF who is the best stylist on the scene and his hairdresser boyfriend. Things couldn't be better. She makes friends with another model called Sandy and accepts an invite to her house party where she meets smoking hot Gary. She immediately notices the sexual tension between the pair and plans to get them together whilst getting herself very drunk! Other girls at the party keep asking Sandy's when her brother is coming. Stacey teases her for having a hot brother with a 'fan club' she never told her about. A very annoying and stalkerish fan club, but when he turns up she wants to become a member! Hell she wants to set up a website! Have him as her screensaver! He is the hottest guy she has ever seen and she works with models for gods sake! Sandy talks Stacey into pretending to be her brother's new girlfriend to shield him from the queen of the stalker fans. Before she knows what is happening they are sharing a kiss that would change her life and lead to the best sex ever! Unfortunately she is so swept up in new romance that she fails to notice the danger lurking in the shadows...a stalker of her own who takes things a step too far as he can't handle seeing them together and in love. Become a facebook fan

WOW! X Chapter 1

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WOW! X (C...
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