The Boy Next Door-G...
By DolanLovezz
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(this book is based off the movie The boy next door if you haven't seen the movie I suggest you watch it before reading this) "Grayson stop"I cried out. He looked into my eyes as he still had me pinned against the wall "Orchid you put this on your self I told you not to go in that room"he said sternly "Well if I didn't what do you think was going to happen, that we'll live happily ever after, don't you think that I would have found out that your fucking crazy"I said still freaking out "So what if I'm crazy, the best people are"he said laughing crazy and then everything went black Orchid Caroline Rodriguez moves to New jersey for collage in a medium sized house that her hard working mother bought for her in New Jersey, The town is great and everything is fine and dandy until she meets Grayson Dolan. Grayson Dolan is possessive and psycho but Orchid doesn't know that until she sees his true colors. What will happen? Will he keep her against her will? Will she try to get away from him? Or will she try to go back home? Will he even let her go? Find out by reading this book I promise you it will be good Warning: This book will have suicide and sexual content so if you can't Handel it don't read it...I warned you

Ch.1: My cute neighbor

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The Boy N...
by DolanLovezz