Echoes of the Silen...
By Pearls_Queen
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Zoya Malik stands as the star eligible child to anyone who comes across her. What pronounces everyone's love and respect towards her happens to not only be her excessive kindness and obedient personality towards everyone alike but also her profound love and dedication for her Deen. No matter what the height of her situations, you'd find her concentrate more on anyone in much desperate circumstances than her and pursue her passion of becoming a world renowned artist. Just like every rose that has a thorn, she finds herself step across a path full of boulders at the end of which shines her goal. Event by event turn up to be pressurising than she thought and life only seems to get cloudier day by day. Will she be able to hang in until the storm eases? Or does life wish to throw her off the boat? Abram Khan often was left criticised for his overly quiet and delicate personality. Falling quite behind everyone in the race of life due to his soft spoken attitude and shy character didn't stand as his restriction. Rather, it ignited his path more, causing him to move forward with a different approach. His entire world revolved around the life of the blessed Prophet Muhammad Sallalahu alaihi wa sallam who stood as his only role model and enthusiasm. Where everyone focused on getting engrossed in relationships outside the boundary of marriage, he found his heart beat for the one he believed was destined for him. Work and family grazed his priority lists, hypocrisy wasn't the main unacceptable criteria in judging someone's character for him, possessiveness over anything that involved him ran in his blood, understanding everyone was like his second language but anger certainly controlled him more. However, life never stops and continues to plough. What happens when both of them are forced to tie the knot in a short span of time? Will love seed in their way or will life keep ploughing and digging deeper? 13.05.2017

D I S C L A I M E R & C O P Y R I G H T

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Echoes of...
by Pearls_Queen