His Redemption, Her...
By meeramiller007
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"In my end is my beginning." -Mary, Queen of Scots *** Lady Saya Hayworth- A woman of great character and perseverance. Her death left behind broken hearts, pain and regret. Now, 16 years after her death, the lives of those left behind is on a move. Richard Seaborne, a man who is deemed disrespectful by the society is still on the path to redemption after realising the grave mistake he had committed. He is determined to implement the words that he had spoken to Saya Hayworth. In the way, he encounters the beautiful Minerva Drake, a woman wronged by a powerful man. Together, they embark on a journey of redemption, love and sacrifices. ~~~~~~~ Brandon Hayworth - the heir to the Hayworth Estate and the twin brother of Maya Hayworth. The two are the legacy left behind by Lady Saya Hayworth. Both have more of their Mother than their father in their personalities. Lord Geoffrey Berkeley -the man who had his heart broken, lives with the hope of meeting his love again, even if it's after his death. Prince Edward- the young and valiant future king of England finds love under unforeseen circumstances. Emma Mortimer - the beautiful daughter of a simple merchant in the Hayworth Estate catches the eye of a certain young man and love blooms in the two hearts. ~~~~~~~~~~ Follow the lives of the characters of His Undesirable Wife after the tragic end in a journey full of love, trust, regret, deceit and redemption where hopes are broken, old promises are fulfilled and new ones are made... (A SEQUEL TO HIS UNDESIRABLE WIFE) (Can be read as standalone)


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His Redem...
by meeramiller007