Wizards Are So Gay
By VSSantoni
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This is the sequel to the Wattpad Original Edition of I'M A GAY WIZARD Ryan and Alison were your average, miserable high school students until they cast a haywire spell that drew the attention of the Marduk Institute, a secret organization billing itself as a "magic school"; however, things are rarely as they seem . . . -------------------------------SPOILERS FOR I'M A GAY WIZARD BELOW With Hunter back from the dead, the Institute takes him down to their underground research facility. Ryan, Alison, and Blake decide that they must infiltrate the Heka building, or they'll never see Hunter again. The odyssey that unfurls begins to unwind the conspiracy at the heart of the Institute, and what they learn may change the course of the Defector's war against the Institute forever.

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Wizards A...
by VSSantoni