Her Secrets (Eren x...
By gravity____
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Book 1, Deep Down (Complete, reconstructing) Book 2, Her Secrets (Complete, reconstructing) Book 3, Our Paths (Not started, beginning) After the victorious defeat of Annie in the Stohess District, (Y/N) is awake from a two day slumber. Once she finds out what's happened recently, she finds that the Wall Titan isn't her main concern. New Titan shifters reveal themselves to the Survey Corps and things just get more frantic. Not only must she fight the newfound threats, but those uprising. She must reveal the many secrets kept within closed walls, but also be able to figure out who she is exactly. I do NOT own Attack on Titan/Shinegki no Kyojin (Season 1-3), rightfully owned by creator Hajime Isayama. You own yourself. I ONLY own this story and the cover I edited.

|Author's Note| Reconstruction

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Her Secre...
by gravity____