seventies bad boy...
By Fucking_Trevor
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synopsis// "Good morning Ms.Clover." He called out to Carter Clover from the top of the of nearly built Villa. "Morning Mr. Chandler." She smirked looking up at him as she passed the beautiful teal house. She couldn't believe that he had gotten even more stunning then when she passed by the day before. Even as he was sweating and his black curls fell disheveled on his head, even as his flushed pink cheeks made him hold this uncomfortable look in his baby blue eyes, she couldn't​ imagine a more gorgeous man than Mr. Chandler. "See ya tomorrow Ms. Clover." He said with a smooth country voice that yearned for her to stay. "Alright now Mr. Chandler." She blushed making her way down the block to her job as her russet delicate fingers kept on fiddling with the hems of her dress. Mr. Chandler looked as her person rushed away and the way her naturally curled hair bounced as she scurried away from the constitution site. "She's a beauty ain't she?" His friend Curly said referring to the house. "Yes, yes she is." But it wasn't​ the house he had just spent six months building that he spoke of, was the confident, nimble, goddess falling from is view that made him coo with no shame. To bad she was to be married in the few months to come. Danny plopped next to his brother and his two friends in the car. No one knew their secret, him and his lover. He looked over and gave his lover a little smirk. "Fuck you looking at Chandler?" "You." But this isn't just a story of Carter Clover and Mr. Chandler, this is a dual romance book, read to find out about equally important power couple.


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by Fucking_Trevor