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By av1united
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"A memory that has change his life forever..." "A memory that haunts him every night..." "A memory that becomes a revenge..." ~ Lee Hyebin, a school teacher, whose in search of a job that'll bring more income into her bank account, ended up getting a position at Min's Incorporated to be Min Yoongi, the CEO, secretary. She had no idea what she'll be facing and what she had got herself into until she found herself in a position that even her life, is at risk. ~ Kang Taeran, a sweet girl who love to design clothes, found an injured man one night and took in him. Though after they had parted ways, fate leads them to meet each other again and again. But one thing about this man that she doesn't know, is he's, Jeon Jungkook, the CEO of the Jeon's Incorporated. -------------------------------- "Hey United's Fam! This is the new BTS Mafia Series that I'll be doing. I'm very excited to write more serious and intense stories after writing the cute and innocent one. I hope that you all will enjoy this series and follow me through this journey to see how this series will come out to be like. Thank you for reading my story and I'll work harder to create more stories for you all to fangirl with. Thank you and I love you!" ~ Author Tomo ------------------------------- This is FF Video story version. My Youtube Link in Bio. ~ @av1united_2017 *This is a fictional story based on the author's imagination and has nothing to do with actual events and people.*

CH. 1

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Upgrade M...
by av1united