How a Malfoy Turned...
By midnightowl
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Everyone knows the story of Harry Potter. The Chosen One, TriWizard Champion. But no one knows about his sister. Penelope (Penny) Potter. She lived in an orphanage until an old woman adopted her at age 11. Thats when she started her trainning. Penny was taught everything she needed to know to be an exlent witch. But, when she's 15, her teacher dies. And a man name Albus Dumbledore came and whisked her away to Hogwarts. There she meets her brother, and his arch enemy...Draco Malfoy. Draco Malfoy is the Slytherin Prince. His pick of pure-blooded girls already falling for him. But in his fifth year, the black haired, green eyed girl he literaly crashed into on Platform 9 3/4 was the one that kept him looking. And just his luck; it's his worst enemy's younger sister. But no matter how much he lies to himself, insults her, and looks away. he can't stop himself for falling for Penny Potter and her emerald eyes. Through this slightly insane story told from Draco's and Penny's Point of View (POV), you'll see how a Malfoy turned good...well, better. {All the people in this book are property of J.K. Rowling {ALL HAIL!!}, exept for Penny and an ocational random person. PS~ I tried my best to get everything correct from the book, i had to skip a few parts or it would have been WAY long. ENJOY! PSS~Cover by Wanderlust_Wolf I'm writing another Harry Potter fanfic now, but soon I will be Edditing this one.}

Chapter 1: Enemy's?

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How a Mal...
by midnightowl