Mr Payne || ZIAM UN...
By punkzxyn
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Liam Payne; a simple man, caring, sweet, cute laugh and sexy body. Single no kids, 26, biology teacher for highschool students that just moved from his home town Wolverhampton to Bradford to teach at Robin Hills High. And went to univerisity of cambridge. Nothing special where he's from. Zayn Malik; a normal teenager, sleeps, eats, plays video games but has an exdrodonairy body for his age. He's single and bisexual, but he's 16, who cares. He goes to Robin Hills Highschool, no employment and hasn't even began to think about college. Nothing special where he's from either. But when you put the two together, they become something so beautiful and fragile, that if they were to slip they'd smash into a million idiviual peices. And become something broken, and unfixable. [ *warning* boyxboy, smut, profanity, underage sex, gay sex, mature scenes, violence. This is a teacher--student book, read the first chapter for description. Theres Larry underage on the side aswell. March 22nd 2014. ]

Mr Payne || ziam underage

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Mr Payne...
by punkzxyn