The Society
By GoldenGateBridgette
  • Romance
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  • ella
  • fame
  • forbidden
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  • hale
  • love
  • married
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  • secrets
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  • society


When Ella's grandmother passed away, she was left to the care of the Society--an organization that raises exceptional girls to become perfect brides for the elite, upper class men of the world. When Ella comes of age, she is Selected by Hale, whose family is forcing him to chose a Society girl even though he doesn't believe in the system and wants to wait for real love. Hale and Ella make a pact to be friends, but this unconventional decision thrusts them into the spotlight of the world for daring to defy an organization that has been in power for centuries. However as they grow closer they develop romantic feelings for each other, and they must try and hide their love in order to keep their revolution alive--but their secret may be too big to keep. Will they ever be able to be normal, or will the world always see Ella as nothing more than a Society girl?

Chapter 1: Unfortunate Events

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The Socie...
by GoldenGateBridgette