Verge Of The Silver...
By Blackcoloredblues
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Dawn Aummeria Montreal V E R G E O F T H E S I L V E R B L A D E S: T H E L I E O F T H E P R E T EN D E R S ┬ęBlackColoredBlues Not a typical girl she is. She is an elite, yes, but a bad ass princess who wants no one to manage her. Until things turned like she never expected would happen. The death of her mother. The assassins that are after her. The secrets that's in it. The things beyond it. The worlds she entered. Bewitching, sorcery and power. She's fearless and tough. How could she survive if death is after her? She's Dawn Aummeria Montreal, and she's supposed to be queen. She's alone, cold, and hunted but she isn't afraid, until she met the eyes of the setting sun. He's the savior, but how could she find homage in his arms if he's way more deadly than the murderers of her dead old mother?


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Verge Of...
by Blackcoloredblues