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Status: COMPLETED Language: Filipino/Tag-lish (Available in Dreame. Check out @Sejuru Emina on Dreame.) The mind is the most dangerous part of our body. It is unexploited and it can get you killed. Cirinthixa Hyde realized these the hardest way. To wake up and live a life that isn't yours--she is a lie. Not that she was aware anyway. The world became a murder arena when a popular social networking site announced all of its users to be assassinated. With her classmates dead, family in danger, and herself as one of the assassins' target, the progenitor of the mass murder should be stopped. Cirin with her snarky, ambitious, but badass persona was forced to take the job without knowing she was at the middle of these unforgivable killings. To be betrayed, To be forgotten, To be killed, Are all absolute. For the things seen with the eye are illusions masking as realities. Friendship is broken to be rebuilt, And love must be forgotten to be fixed. Are you mentally and emotionally prepared to enter the world of deceit, betrayal, and killings? Welcome to Killer Website. Cover edited by: @Animeaddict04


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