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A great evil has returned to Ophelia. A devil is hell bent on spreading death and chaos. In a large attempt to enact revenge on the people who killed him. He'll hit them where it hurts by destroying the lives of Aria Helion and Harper Collins. Harper is a college student; Aria is a luminary . Two girls, from two different realms should have nothing in common. Yet, this "devil" and the secrets of their origin bind them together. Slowly, they each become overwhelmed by the increasing danger. Aria is forced to venture amongst a dark realm, while Harper tries to deal with her developing psychic powers. Tensions will rise as the threat of war loom over their heads. Will these two girls be able to protect themselves and those around them from the supernatural world? Or will they lose everything to the man lurking in the shadows? ~~ Ophelia is a Paranormal- fantasy NA novel, that centers around African, Greek, Caribbean and Roman Mythology. Please enjoy. ~ ~ ~ © by @j_lovely. cover by @weekender

And So It Begins

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by j_lovely