Saving The Realm of...
By SweeTherapist
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In a world where all fairy tales fall into a single plot, from the glass slippers to the poisonous apples. Maleficent and The Fairy Godmother lost their power and dissolved from the realm and leaving it in a precise balance of chaos and order. The wicked staff however, fell into the greedy hands of the Evil queen. There then stood Camp Grimwilhelm, a home to gifted children, training them to fulfill their own destinies and maintain peace throughout the lands of Fabula. Red and her company must save the realm, giving us a quest for trust and dignity, alliance and loyalty as they venture in legendary places that only dreams could tell. They must conquer not only the hordes of nightmares waiting for them but also the monsters dwelling within themselves. © Copyrights reserved Series of 2018-2019

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Saving Th...
by SweeTherapist