Project: Unjock
By acettk
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ON HIATUS Ree Reynolds, an overly intellectual straight A student that lacks social skills, she spends most of her inordinate time doing non-mainstream stuffs, generally relating to reading or other non-teenage things. She likes everything to be all planned out and controlled by her, especially her time. She doesn't necessarily think of herself as ugly nor pretty, she likes to think of herself as normal, with an average skinny body, a brunette hair, and a pair of big brown hazel eyes. People refer to her as a dork, but she begs to differ, on her own opinion, these "Labels" are being exaggerated by petty humans who wont actually achieve anything in life. While her, she's on her way of achieving her life long dream. She has her whole life planned out in her overly sized planner. That is until.. Kirby Carter, a stereotypical football jock, as the captain of their school's football team and a real charmer, with his perfectly toned body, up to his strong jawline and high cheekbones, gifted with long blond messy hair and emerald eyes, he had all the cheerleaders clinging onto his arms, and of course him, he had bedded most of them. And apart from being an athletic participant, he's most likely to be referred as a musclebrain and a pain in the neck of all the teachers, he's known to be a troublemaker and has all his grades terribly failing. Both different individuals with different personalities. What will happen if destiny had decided to play with them? Read to find out. ©ParadoxicalPen Copyright 2017 All Rights Reserved Do not plagiarized


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