And I Love Her (P.M)
By graceheslop
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In March 1964, The Beatles were in London to start shooting their first movie A Hard Day's Night. It was then, in a hotel room, that a 21 year old Paul McCartney met a 19 year old American hotel employee and struggling musician, Demi Lovato. After much encouragement from his band mates, Paul quickly struck up a conversation with the young American. It appeared that they had a lot in common, and he liked her straight away. They became friends quickly. But, despite his efforts, Paul always felt something more. He offered her a role in the movie as a dancer; she accepted. Everyone could see that they liked each other; especially Paul's girlfriend. Shortly after the movie had wrapped, they broke up, all because she was convinced he was going with the young American behind her back. It wasn't true... It would actually occur two nights later, when Demi went to comfort him upon hearing of the break up. This is the story of the first real love of one Beatle's life. This is the story of how one young girl changed one young man's life forever...

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And I Lov...
by graceheslop