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- WATTYS LONGLISTED 2018 - "As a child I was never scared of the dark or of the monsters that lurked under my bed. From a young age I have known exactly what wanders the streets at night; what preys on the ignorant. I know of the evil that plagues this world; wishing to destroy it. But there are also people who fight against that evil in an effort to protect human lives against the darkness. I know because I am one of them." Zivena Kovač is a Guardian of Life: a powerful being hidden in modern society to protect humankind. But her life has been planned out for her by fate and by a power she never knew existed. She must understand Death to master Life but Zivena has more than destiny to struggle with. She must battle with who she is and who she is told to be but how can she do that when a monster is loose in New York City? When Zivena meets Mictain Demir it's as if the world has finally begun to breathe again after eighteen years. Will they be able to set aside their vast differences to stop a killer? And will she be able to meet the expectations set by those around her or will Zivena watch her city and family burn? WATTYS LONGLISTED 2018 **Featured** - 17/01/18 Highest Ranking in Fantasy #65 **Winner of the 2017 Dream Awards** © 2012, Chelsea Lawrence


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Life - Li...
by cllawrence16