Ready Or Not
By RedWritingHood09
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Afterlife is getting back to normal- as normal as it's ever been, anyway. Things are settling down, both literally and metaphorically. Anna is safe and living with Lydia (for as long as she can handle an unemployed, restless, and very loud roommate), and Theo is exactly where he belongs; with Daniel. A night of carefree (i.e.careless) debauchery aimed at proving nothing has changed raises concern when it starts Lydia looking for a little entertainment. A secret uncovered and a show of force by the government raise more alarms. If only something (or someone) would come along and give Lyds a reason to reel it in. Being undead is complicated enough, but now simply surviving can land you in hot water. "Life" has to be put on hold, but when the freedom of not only your best friend, but your entire species is at stake (no pun intended), you suck it up (pun absolutely intended) and do what needs to be done. Promising somebody you'll be together forever means something altogether different when you're immortal, and nobody gets to get in the way of that. Ready Series #2 (the first installment, the Watty Award Winning "Ready", is complete and it's a good idea to read that first.) Co-authored by the fantastic @FranklyMisterS (who's posting a series of one shots as a companion to "Ready" on his profile. It's called "Fantastic Bastards"- follow him and read them!) cover by the lovely @Bluebell84 Please note: blood, blood, murder, M/M, F/F, some smut (mxm), blood, sass, and blood. NOT a teen/YA novel.

We'll Call It A Prologue

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Ready Or...
by RedWritingHood09