Sterling Inn
By Feline_Fan
  • Werewolf
  • abuse
  • acceptance
  • anger
  • father
  • handicap
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Secrets don't stay buried long... 18 years have passed. The Inn is a huge success in their region and financial worries no longer plague them. But the peace can't last long. When Mason's old mate finds out about their supposed child tempers flare as he swears to take his son back. While Mason begs for Red's help the aging father has more than enough on his plate: Cam is expecting...again. The two share two children already and they are vastly different. Sterling, a strapping alpha wolf seeking to follow in his father's pack and his younger brother Casey, an omega with the heart of gold and a medically low IQ. Looking after Casey is a group effort but not everyone is on board. Sterling is sick of watching his brother or as he refers to him, The Retard, so he tosses the job on Orion, Mason's son. Orion is experiencing an identity crisis as his Father steps forward and offers him a life of luxury as the son of an Alpha. Will Mason be seduced back into a life prostitution or drawn to his mate despite their violent end? And what will happen if Orion realizes that Mason is not his father?

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by Feline_Fan