Choosing between wh...
By Mia9797
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Being in love with your best friend is hard, especially when hes the worlds Teen Pop Sensation. Traveling around the world, meeting new people, and barely seeing you and his other friends. What if that best friend put you and your friends aside to be with his Teen Pop Sensation girlfriend? Choosing her over you, and forgetting he would always be there when you needed someone to talk to. What if he breaks your heart and another guy comes in to love you, and you start to fall for him? Who will you choose? Your best friend, the one you loved all your life? Or the new guy who wants nothing more than for you to be happy, but lies to you throughout this whole time? Through many tears and heart breaks, Choosing Between What Your Heart Wants Or From What Your Brain Thinks Is Best is one of the hardest decisions Alyssa will have to make. [This story is on hold]

Choosing between what your heart wants or from what your brain thinks is best

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by Mia9797