Finders Keepers, Lo...
By AddictiveSharpie
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The story is based off of the song from P!ATD 'Emperors New Clothes' I know, I need to stop making stories. I need to focus on the ones I already have but you know. If I did, I wouldn't be the procrastinator you all know and kinda sorta not really love. Levi is dead. Hes been dead for God only knows how long. He's a demon. Hes slowly making his way up and out of hell. Up towards the crown. The only thing he wants in life is to take God's crown and rule. Thats all he wants. That is until he reaches the surface. God designed the middle ground to hold all the sins a demon could want. Sex, Drugs, Women, Men, Alcohol. It's designed to keep all the demons who come for him busy. They'll completely forget what they were after. Levi lives by a set of rules. •Everything must be clean •Im the best and everyone will bow •If it catches my eye, it must be mine And that last rule applies to why he gets side tracked on the surface. He sees the most beautiful human ever. Eren Jaeger. Times three. Levi x Eren x Darren x Garden

{Prologue} {The Way Down}

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Finders K...
by AddictiveSharpie