The Dead Life
By TAHernandez5
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Ruben Vasquez is an experienced homicide detective with a fervent dedication to solving even the most difficult crimes. There's just one problem: he's dead. In an alternate version of our world, the spirits of the dead have become visible to everyone, walking among the living until they pass on to whatever existence lies beyond this life. In most cases, that makes Ruben's job easier than ever before since victims are often able to provide answers in their own murder investigations. But when a body is found and all immediate signs point to suicide, Ruben isn't convinced, and the dead woman's ghost isn't around for him to question. With nothing but a hunch to go on, he sets out to find answers. But is there really something sinister going on, or is Ruben just desperate to find meaning in his seemingly endless dead life?

Part 1

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The Dead...
by TAHernandez5