By No Logical Reaso...
By Hannah_that1fangirl
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By no logical reason would Logan (logic) and Patton (Morality) ever be considered friends let alone anything more than that. In high school people stick to their own groups: nerds or geeks, jocks, musicians, artists, skateboarders, you name it! Nobody ever breaks form their group and mingles with another. Logan is one said geek, although, he never really talks to others much and would much prefer to be reading or conducting one of his many experiments. Patton is one of, if not the, nicest kid in school. He's the one always sitting at the long table at lunch happily asking you to donate your extra change to whatever charity was decided for that day. He only had a few close friends, but people tend to flock to him because of his cheerful personality. What happens when these two completely opposite people start to spend some time together? Will they flip the school upside down in a good way, or is it all just destined for failure..? ~&~ Cover art not by me all credit goes to @notallpotatosarefrenchfries on instagram. Make sure yo go check out her profile she's an AMAZING ARTIST. There will be Prinxiety as well because I mean how can you not? It will mostly be Logicality though. Trigger warning I guess... there is serious content, but it will be happy to I promise.

Part 1

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By No Log...
by Hannah_that1fangirl