Adrift: A Little Me...
By MinaParkes
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Agnes Allore's passions are simple: music, first and foremost, rules her heart. Second comes her best friend Daniel, a servant boy. As a girl, Agnes can do as she wishes; her beloved father indulges her willful spirit, and her troubled mother hardly pays her any mind at all. But as Agnes leaves her girlhood behind and becomes a young woman, she learns that dark secrets lurk beneath the surface of her influential family, and none of what she loves can go with her into the dark. --- Daniel Serran is a waif and a wanderer. When he and his disabled father come upon the Allore mansion, they expect to be turned away, but magnanimous Master Allore takes a chance on them. It's there that Daniel meets Agnes, the young lady of the house. Compared to her dazzling mother, Agnes is plain; compared to other women, she's rude and she's wild. But there is something about her that draws Daniel in, and he will never be the same. --- Plunge into a dark retelling of "The Little Mermaid," embellished with mermaid lore. In a world where men's greed knows no bounds, there are few happy endings. FIRST PLACE WINNER - 2018 Iris Awards - Romance Category SECOND PLACE WINNER - 2018 Iris Awards - Overall FIRST PLACE WINNER - 2018 Mystic Awards - Romance Category FIRST PLACE WINNER - 2017 Romance Awards - Heartbreaking Category HONORABLE MENTION - June 2017 Rose Gold Awards - "Best Kiss" TW: Abuse and graphic violence

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Adrift: A...
by MinaParkes