Sweet Lana
By itsirrs
  • Romance
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  • brooding
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  • dangerous
  • dominant
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  • lana
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  • romance


"Lennox." He watched her longingly as she twirled around the room in her summer white dress, her white blonde hair bouncing with every steps she took, emerald eyes glittering beautifully. He kept his gaze on her as his eyes hooded with something dark and dangerous. Something that shouldn't be associated with his sweet Lana who have a heart as pure as an angel. One look at her face, one with that beautiful smile of hers, and that pale flushed cheeks of hers, he knew. He knew he was going to have to be selfish and keep her for himself even though she didn't belong in his world. Something so pure and delicate as her most definitely didn't belong in his f*cked up world. But god he needed her. He needed her like he needed air to breathe. His mind couldn't functioned properly without her. His heart beats at a rate that cannot be considered as normal whenever he laid his eyes on her. "Lennox?" He snapped out his thoughts when he heard the soft voice calling his name. "Yes princess?" He questioned her as softly as possible with his deep voice. The young girl blinked up at him curiously while grinning, "What are you thinking so hard of? I've been calling out your name for a few times now." He shook his head and chuckled, "Nothing you need to worry about princess." ••• He had always been the quiet and brooding one, even with people who are close to him, which aren't many. He was tainted in every way. He knew it was wrong to have such strong feelings for his friend's innocent little sister who was way younger than him and especially since she treated him like her own brother. ••• In which a reserved man became obsessed with his friend's little sister who had always thought that there's some good in everyone, even in the worse kind of people.


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Sweet Lana
by itsirrs