His Aurora
By itsirrs
  • Romance
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  • romance


"But...you promised..." She sniffled trying her best not to bawl her heart out. "You promised me you wouldn't hurt anybody if I come with you..." She was biting her lips harshly, trying to keep her emotions at bay. His heart tightened and his face softened a little, but not enough to feel apologetic for his actions. Cupping her flushed cheeks with his calloused hands, he cooed, "Baby, I did not broke my promise. That fuc-," he cleared his throat, not wanting to curse infront of his baby and continued, "I mean, that man got what he deserved for attempting to take you away from me. He brought this to himself." "But he is my brother!" She cried out suddenly. He was trying so hard not to smile as she just looked so madly adorable, but he didn't want to anger his baby even more so he just decided on sighing, growing tired of this conversation as she was his either way, he caressed her soft cheeks with his thumb before bringing it forward and pressed his lips on her wet ones. She froze, her cheeks still damped with tears. He pulled away and spoke to her earnestly before she even had the chance to open her mouth, "Baby, you are mine and I will get rid of anybody and I mean, anybody who ever dared to take you away from me. You are mine and mine only. You should have known that by know." ••• He was known to be the most powerful mafia leader who killed people that did him wrong in the slightest bit and one who was rumored to be heartless---literally. Everyone who had ever crossed paths with him trembled with fear whenever his name was spoken. And those who had never met him prayed to never bumped into the ruthless man. Poor, little Aurora one day stumbled across his path. And that same, unfortunate day, he claimed her as his. ••• In which a ruthless mafia leader treated a young girl who thought the world as a place filled with sunshine and rainbows, like a princess, unknown to the rest of the world behind the cold facade that he always puts up.


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His Auror...
by itsirrs