The Boss's Nanny
By hafsy56
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"I had a dark past. I was lonely, looking for love from anyone and lost and didn't have any freedom even with the fact I lived with my 'rich father'.It never really felt like home to me. I was trapped, hated by my dad, almost forced to get married to my father's friends son. All just because of something I didn't do.. I ran away to get freedom, to see the beauty of life and nature and to find love. I ran into a handsome, arrogant, annoying man who got on my nerve. He stole my heart like a robber. All I needed was to be loved, to feel valuable. I guess that's the reason why I ran from home" "Do you now feel loved after running away? " "I do... " ______________________________________________ A twenty one year old lady who runs away from home and runs to the most populous city in the world where her father would think that she isn't dump enough to go to- New York City. Isabella is a twenty one year old lady. Funny, crazy, fun, sarcastic, intelligent, yet a sad lady who gets a job as a nanny. After the billionaire parents go on a six month holiday trip. Where the boss in charge, has a bitter dislike for 'his Nanny'. What will happen when Isabella is always crossing his path and he is the usual rude, short tempered, arrogant, cocky, bossy and Mr. No nonsense boss. Join Isabella in this funny, sad, hyper, lively, crazy and smart journey of her life after getting freedom. DO NOT COPY. THIS BOOK WAS WRITTEN BY ME, SO PLEASE DO NOT COPY! Please do comments and vote. AND IF YOU HAVE ANY NASTY COMMENTS, YOU CAN KEEP IT TO YOURSELF.

The Boss's Nanny

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The Boss'...
by hafsy56