Ghost kii Nayi Prem...
By dishakamath
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Piya and her friends visit Palghar, a small town in Thane's district. Rosegad is one of the eminent hotels in Palghar. However, it's famous for all dopey causes. The local people of Palghar claim Rosegad as a ghostly hotel. It is very rare when anyone visits that hotel due to the scary stories that is now well-known in Palghar. However, the staffs of hotel scrap this news and claim as a rumour circulated by their competitors. The reality is, whoever tourists once visit the hotel, would never go back to their home. Piya and her friends have risked staying in this place. Nobody knows that the hotel staffs are ghosts, and the ghost leader is a handsome prince who murdered them, once upon a time. The truth will be exposed in front of Piya and her friends? Can they survive in this hotel? Piya and the handsome prince soon will be in front of each other. Would he slaughter her or a new love story of a ghost is about to begin? Find it out...

Character Sketch of Piya's Friends Group

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Ghost kii...
by dishakamath