The Stars Lie {Myrn...
By EmelineRousselotFF
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"Most intriguing. You obviously know who - and what - I am, but you don't run." He leaned toward her and felt her body react. "Quite the opposite in fact," he murmured as he kissed her neck. Claire felt a shockwave of desire for him. She wasn't sure how long she would be able to think clearly. "Myrnin, wait...We have to talk...You have to remember," she said between breaths. "My dear, you needn't use such far-fetching pretext to gain my attention," he purred seductively. "All you need to do is ask and I will freely give to you. Not that I don't enjoy these amusements. You have intrigued me. Which indeed, is no small accomplishment." Her breathing was becoming shallow as he trailed kisses from her neck to her ear. Before she could stop herself, she found her fingers entwined in his hair. His voice was low as he stepped purposefully between her legs and slid her forward, right to the edge of the bed, to meet him. He growled softly in her ear, "Tell me what is it that you desire? Ask anything. I promise you won't be disappointed." Claire inhaled sharply, all intelligent thought gone from her mind. She felt his hand slide up her leg - the one sheathed with the hidden dagger - and stop. "My, my, my...Aren't you full of surprises? " he growled low in pleasure in his throat, "Would you like to try to use that on me? I think I might enjoy that game very much." She felt his hand gently remove the dagger and whispered against his lips, "No we can't do this. Not here, not now, and not when you don't remember me." "I will most definitely remember you," he kissed her neck and jawline as Claire felt his wandering hand continue to glide up her leg. "You are quite a contradiction, little Claire. Your lips say no, but..." He found what he was looking for and she gasped. He smiled wickedly. "Your body clearly says yes." Note - Story contains some sexual content and strong language. I do not own Morganville Vampires, just the plot to this tale.

A New Day

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The Stars...
by EmelineRousselotFF