Ride On
By WishfulForesight
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With a need for wild and pure illegal activity left by a painful break up coursing through her veins, Savannah, a 17 year old girl with an old soul is welcomed into a brand new world that surpasses anything she's ever known. And who's holding the door? A big, bad man who's called Grizzly by his boys and is just Savannah's type. Her life is turned around and she does the only thing she knows how to when she simply rides on, finding the place she's always belonged... But as she finds a home with murderers and thieves and blooms in a dark manor, will she be safe with her growing number of enemies? Can she keep herself strong or will she become cold like the monsters she houses herself with? Will this world break her? Will Grizzly keep her safe from not only the demons inside him but the one's closing in on them as well? Will their pasts come back to ruin their future? P.S. I do not own any part of the Vagos, Mongol, Hells Angel, or any other trademark, they are simply motorcycle club/brotherhood that I have come to admire. And... ***The content of the this story may not be suitable for some reader's ie; inappropriate language, explicit violence, and sexual situation. Please do not read if said subjects would make you uncomfortable.*** DUE TO SAID CONTENT, THERE ARE CHAPTERS THAT ARE VISIBLE ONLY TO MY FOLLOWERS. MY APOLOGIES. Enjoy.


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Ride On
by WishfulForesight