The Boy with the Bl...
By band_geek017
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Hi I'm Tyler Fisher, I go to terrible school with a terrible education system. But if it wasn't for this shit faced education I wouldn't have met many best friend Dan Philips, this education also helped me meet my gang and for the record this isn't your ordinary gang of friends, no, this is a legit gang. We steal, break stuff, put graffiti all on the walls of the school, and sometimes if someone messes with us or are family we go and hurt the, mess with one of us you mess with ALL of us. But that's not the point, the point is I'm not someone to mess with, I thought that until I saw...him...his long brown hair, his perfectly toned body, his smooth skin, and those big shiny gorgeous blue eyes. Oh did I mention I'm gay. Okay this the original story I talked about in my other book and to be honest I'm actually excited for this one and who is this hunk that Tyler speaks of. Anyway you didn't click on this story for a description let's get back to writing my friends.

Character Introduction

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The Boy w...
by band_geek017