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By hexodus
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/Highest Ranking : #746 in werewolf 5-26-17 / Started: May 2017 / Ended: December 2017 "I can't," was my reply. "I just.... I c-can't." His concern soon flooded to complete outrage. I was practically rejecting him for reasons unknown to him, and for an Alpha, he'd never accept this. "Why can't you?! Since when have I ever done something to prove I didn't care about you just now?!" I looked down in shame. Sarah was keeping a fierce stance, though. She knew that we had to save our rogue friends, and that we weren't really rejecting Ty. If we wanted to really reject him, we would've done so already. I think he kind of knew it too, but he was mad nonetheless. "Look Ty, I'm sorry I can't tell you. But I really can't be here right now. Maybe someday this will work. But I'm not selfish enough to give up something I care for." ... Alicia Gray, the daughter of one of the highest ranking members in the Blood Moon Pack, was set up to be a brat. Spoiled rotten from the start, she couldn't change the path she was headed on. When her pack is attacked by rogues, however, her life turns around. She becomes the person she has always strived to be - the complete opposite of a brat. After successfully escaping the clutches of her captors, she finally is able to return home. But is her version of home the same as when she left? Or will she unlock a whirlwind of mysteries coming back? ... This is a parallel series to Wanted by the Wolves!

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Rescued b...
by hexodus