The Lost Wife
By JudeKnight
  • Historical Fiction
  • historical
  • napoleonic
  • regency
  • second-chance
  • spanish


Daughter of an English father and a Spanish mother, Teri grew up in England, and returned to Spain only after the death of her husband. Her ability to speak English, and also French, comes in handy now that Napoleon and Wellington are fighting over the possession of Spain. Teri nurses wounded soldiers from both sides, as well as her village's guerilla band. But she doesn't expect to find herself nursing her husband, unaccountably alive even if unlikely to remain so. David had been ripped from his new bride just weeks after the wedding, and had returned home months later to find his wife gone, run off---they told him---with another man. When he couldn't find her, he'd enlisted, taking his anger and pain to war. He hadn't expected to wake up to find her nursing him.

Sergeant Peters rescues a wounded officer

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The Lost...
by JudeKnight