Silver Lining: The...
By silent_artist0912
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Sequel to The Final Battle: The Haunted so read it first to understand the story better and watch the series on YouTube by Rejectedshotgun if you want to understand that book better. So yea this is a fanfic! _________________________________ With herobrine gone everything should be fine right? Well that's what they thought. It has been 3 years after the final battle with herobrine. The group have been traveling around. The empire is no longer a huge threat and the demon was gone. However something was wrong. The silver lining they called it. Things can't always be good but they won't always be bad no matter how bad or good things get. When the scale tips one way, something happens to tip it the opposite way so things meet back in the middle. The silver lining.....

Prolouge-Silver Lining

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Silver Li...
by silent_artist0912