Just One More Scoop
By Shanz07
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One night can change everything... One ice cream filled encounter can turn that already messy world upside down. And this is best known by one not so good girl. Take a girl out of her environment and she'll adapt but throw tragedy, a move to the other side of the world and not to mention starting out at a new high school with a notorious brother duo whose reputations scream trouble into the mix, well all this girl can do is fight to survive. Will the after effects of that tragic night continue to weigh her down, will the dark secrets locked behind his eyes scare her away or will one mystery solve the other in a sarcastic, love-hate fight to the finish. Like they say the universe has a funny way of bringing the past that you try so hard to keep buried right back up. Will her past continue to keep her caged or will he be the one to set her free? Amazingly adorable cover made by @forevermykelle *********************************************** ♦) Second place winner in teen fiction in the 2017 Freedom Awards🔱 ♦) Third place for best title in the 2017 Freedom Awards🔱

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Just One...
by Shanz07