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HYDRA was always known to experiment on innocent people for their own selfish needs. Stella Kaiser, a girl from a wealthy family in Germany, became a victim of their selfishness after being kidnapped and taken to an underground HYDRA base somewhere in England. During her miserable years with HYDRA, they took inspiration from the Irish mythological creature, the Banshee, and botched Stella's vocal chords in order to make their vision come to life. After 10 years of brutal experimentation, Stella was one of the few 'mutants' who managed to escape during the hijack of the HYDRA base. Secretly boarding a cargo ship to New York City, she escapes her troubled past in hopes to create a new life for herself. Little did she know, she'd stumble across the famous group of vigilantes known as the Avengers, who later will lead her towards an arrogant speedster and an abnormal witch. © queenslist [ BOOK ONE ] [ PIETRO MAXIMOFF x OC ] STARTED: April 22, 2017 ENDED: August 8, 2018 REVISIONS DONE: November 19, 2020 PLAYLIST: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/09uxNV3Fjtek4lGz62dvIM?si=T_LTcO7cTm2CQ-EVBGtXLA


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[1] Frost...
by queenslist