A Billion Dollar Mi...
By ChocolateLoverQueen
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Yasmin is a 17 years old muslim girl who has for only family her father and little brother. She will do everything to please her father. But what if the only thing he wants will cost her her freedom and happiness? All of this just for one mistake he committed? Meet the 27 years old Malik Qureshi , one of the hottest bachelor in the world. His name is spoken everywhere and by everyone. He is the heir to his father's known chain of hotels and Business entreprise, Qureshi Hotels and Qureshi Entreprise. What if, the only condition to become one of the top 5 richest men in the world is to settle down with this girl his father chose? If there is one thing that is sure, he would do anything to get his hands on the inheritance, even if it means marrying a nobody just on paper. Their paths will cross, tears will be shed and mistakes will be made. Mistakes, we all make them and we all suffer from the consequences, some people more than others. But what if this one mistake is worth a billion dollar? Or actually, no amount of money will be enough to pay for it? Copyright © P.S: All readers are welcome. This story might have Islamic behaviors but is not trying to convert anyone. Again, the goal of this is not to convert anyone into the religion. Published on 09/02/17


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A Billion...
by ChocolateLoverQueen