The Princess of Ele...
By YourSecretNerd
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Book One in the TPoE series Arabella Rose is sixteen and has lived with her aunt and cousin for most of her life. She had been told that her parents had died when she was young. When her aunt leaves to visit her friend in hospital Arabella's whole life turns upside down. After being kidnapped by three amazingly good-looking boys, Arabella realises she isn't normal. When they ask her to freeze the glass of water on the table in front of her she thinks they're crazy; people cant do that, right? But what if she was wrong? What if everything she has ever been told was a lie and the only thing that she could rely on were the bedtime stories she was once told as a little girl? Highest rank: 5th in fantasy

The Princess of Elements

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The Princ...
by YourSecretNerd