The Lightning Girl
By JojoDahlia
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She's no villain... she's just a teen with serious issues. Mara's got strange electrokinetic powers that enable her to fry a human inside out. She can't have a boyfriend, 'cause then she'll most definitely electrocute him. Dead with a smooch. When she finally puts her 'gift' to good use, she saves Kian, a charming college kid who somehow wound up bleeding onto the suburban streets. He's a bit of a heartthrob, and she's got that teen-heat that's tempting her to kiss him. Or kill him-it doesn't make a damn difference. But rescuing him might be a bad idea. She's risking heartbreak. And she seems to attract a lot more trouble now, from school, where she's become a super-powered celebrity with a target on her head, to home, where her long-divorced parents are trying to reconnect. She soon discovers Kian knows more than he lets on. There's someone out there who's hurting a lot of people. She better put her big girl pants on, hone her powers, and find the answers before some serious carnage. Multiple award winner and a Binge-reader's nightmare, "The Lightning Girl" is a coming of age tale running along the lines between Marvel and Life is Strange--with a whole lot of bad jokes. An 'electrifying' debut. © 2020 Josef Dahlia Cover illustration by Marta "Mokodoko" Wernis (

Arc I

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The Light...
by JojoDahlia