A Glorious Adventur...
By Remi_Kapaun
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This is in response to the following writing prompt: "Hold on, you died?!" (This characters name will be Grant) "Yeah, well it didn't stick." (This characters name will be Onyx) Cast: Onyx: based on a character I created a while ago. Jamie/James: James Buchanan "Bucky" Barnes. Grant: Captain America. Jeffy: Jefferson, the Mad Hatter from Once Upon a Time. Michael: Phillip Michael Lester from YouTube Jake: Daniel James Howell. (I went with Jake for Dan because I showed my mom a picture of him and she said he looked like a Jake.) Alstro: Ashley Purdy, Bassist for Black Veil Brides. Chuppy/CC: Christian Mora/Coma, Drummer for Black Veil Brides and Onyx is his adopted sibling (i.e., Onyx was adopted by CC's parents). Jinxx: Jeremy Ferguson, string and guitar player for Black Veil Brides. Also called ' Mamma Jinxx. Chinook/Chinny: One of the Wolves. Married to Gully. Gully: One of the Wolves. Married to Chinook. Witawnee/Wit: One of the Wolves. Going out with Sam. Sam: One of the Wolves. Going out with Wit. Luka: One of the Wolves. Half Wolf, half shark. Gaia/Geralt: Genderfluid. Onyx's clone.

When did death happen?

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A Gloriou...
by Remi_Kapaun